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In contrast to the optical paper constructions that demand the attention of the viewer, I see my aluminium seascape work as a romantic escape from reality.


Directly or indirectly, I see my deepest personality shining from even my most disciplined and directed works. Like all artists, I am unconsciously externalising something deep within myself and possibly something that is most vulnerable. What that something is, is often obscure and I believe cannot be approached directly. If this is attempted the result is often a false pretence.



...The ocean, the sky, the smell of the beach and the moods of the weather are my main creative driving force. They stir my imagination with their drama, peace and serenity.


The seascapes I create aim to satisfy my own desire for serenity and if they evoke the same feelings in the observer, then I have created not just a painting but an experience...


My father, a renowned painter and sculptor, was my mentor. Among many techniques, mediums and styles of creating, he taught me how to apply ‘associative thinking’ into my work - the seamless marriage of thoughts and ideas into one another.


Since I mainly paint from memory, this technique helps me to ‘collage’ and ‘edit’ visual impressions that I have observed in nature. The result is seascapes combining the real and the imaginary.

Sometimes I paint clouds on sunny days, sunny skies on gloomy days or remote beaches out of crowded spots...


I paint sketches in nature but the actual works I create in the sanctuary of my studio.

I know the painting is finished when I can ‘hear’ the waves breaking and ‘feel’ the scent of the beach...


Most of the coastal paintings I paint on raw sheets of aluminium. Through self-developed artistic techniques, I incorporate the paint with the reflective surface. The different lights of the day are performed onto the metal, creating a play of foreground and background effects, and ever-changing scenery.


The properties of the metal bring the painting to life in harmony to the observer’s movement.


Since 2008 my seascapes have been exhibited at art fairs throughout the world, from London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Miami, Toronto to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Gallery with Seascape Paintings

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