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Some of my recent work explores the idea of finding a calm resolution by morphing an object to exhaustion and destruction. I am absorbed by the notion of change and the thrill of a balance between permanence and impermanence of shape and form.

Example of this are my book studies where books are guillotine sliced, folded, beeswax ‘mummified’ and forceshaped. 

Once messengers of thoughts and stories, the pages are transformed into abstract geometrical presenters of shape, form, composition and messengers of new concepts.


Through creating short-lived collapsable book sculptures, I explore the notion of the ’present moment’. The books take an articulated structure whose concrete way only exists in the hand of the artist and for a short period of time. I can interpret this as a physical metaphor of the spiritual Buddhist wisdom that I recently studied while living in a monastery in Nepal. It speaks of time as an illusion and of the ‘Now’, nested between past and future, ‘as the most precious thing, as it is the only thing there is’.


By erecting shapes and letting them go, I create a metaphor for the present moment, but also I challenge the viewers' attachment to permanency and impermanency. I play with the idea that the only permanent thing in life is Change. The foldable sculpture concept and the participating image of the hands in the pieces creates a flirtatious resemblance with some of the works of Ligia Clark.

The book studies I would like to be seen not only in the context of my own work but also against the background of all the efforts that artists made, in the wake of Futurism, Constructivism and Dadaism, to question the traditional structure and function of the book and turn it into an autonomous object. Examples range from Sonia Delaunay's book fold 'La prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France' of 1913, Alison Knowles' 'The Big Book', Dieter Rot's books and sausages 'Literaturwurste', the assemblages of a book form made by Wolf Vostell, Bernard Aubertin's 'Livre Brûlé', of course not forgetting Franz Erhard Walther, 'Werksatz' and Hubertus Gojowczyk's library door bricked up with books 'Door to the library'.

Since 2008 Stiliana’s work is regularly exhibited at Art Fairs across the globe, from London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Miami, Toronto to Hong Kong and Singapore.

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