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by Stiliana Alexieva

Stiliana is Bridging Art and Technology for New Realms of Expression

I'm thrilled to unveil my latest series, AI-scapes, a collection that journeys through the captivating beauty and ever-changing moods of the sea and sky. Each piece is a product of a unique collaboration between my artistic vision and the advanced capabilities of AI, where I guide digital brushstrokes to capture the essence of oceanic life. Drawing inspiration from serene mornings by the shore to the tumultuous waves of stormy seas, these works reflect my personal encounters and emotional responses to these magnificent seaside sceneries. 
AI here acts as a brush, an extension of my own creative process, allowing me to explore new horizons within the familiar frame of seascapes.

If any of these AI-scapes captures your heart, you have the unique opportunity to own it in its most tangible form. Each piece is available as an 'Original Embellished Print' 

This is a process where the digital creation is brought to life through high-quality printing and hand-finished by Stiliana details. Embellishments can include texture, paint, ink, or other media, adding unique touches that differentiate each print. 
This makes the work more personal, enhancing its value and aesthetic appeal.

Each canvas is expertly stretched over a sturdy wooden frame, equipped with hanging hardware, and ready for display. 

For authenticity, every piece is numbered and signed on the back by Stiliana.
The printed canvases are limited editions, ensuring each one remains uniquely beautiful. 

  • Sizes: up to 120cmx240cm  (47”x94”)

  • Prices: £450 - £2000.

Have an idea? Let’s discuss: Enquire

Want to own one? Here is how. 

As an artist navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the art world, I find myself both terrified and exhilarated by the rapid advancements in technology. This tension has inspired me to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence, not just as a tool, but as a collaborator. In this journey, I am both a player and a teacher, experimenting with how AI can enhance and challenge traditional methods of creation. This work now reflects the dance with the digital, exploring how technology can extend the canvas of human creativity. Through this series, I aim to demystify and harness the potential of AI, inviting viewers to witness the fusion of human emotion and algorithmic precision.
This collaboration serves as an extension of my creative expression - it enhances rather than replaces the human element of artistry.

With love,

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