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Stiliana Alexieva

What Inspires Stiliana



...The ocean, the sky, the smell of the beach and the moods of the weather are the key driving force to my creativity. They stir my imagination with their drama, peace and serenity.

Everything can trigger my creative mindset - a pleasing visual incentive, a walk on the beach, an emotion, a special memory, a dream, my mood that day, travel to a distant land, or just the need to occupy my hands and mind in the meditative state of creating.



The quest for adventure has taken me on exploration trips around the world. From the peaks of the Himalayas to the sunny bays of the Caribbean, every location I visit enhances my creativity and feeds my soul.


I spent 6 months living in Mexico, surrendering to the colors, culture and spirit of this unique country. I am yet to create a body of work dedicated to the vivid palette of this magical land.

See my ever-evolving Journal of notes, images, artists and places which influence and inspire my work.

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